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Mature content
Partners in Crime-Fighting - Chapter 4 :iconrchlisnomsome:RchlisNomSome 5 6
Payback (WARNING: Implied Digestion) by RchlisNomSome
Mature content
Payback (WARNING: Implied Digestion) :iconrchlisnomsome:RchlisNomSome 19 4
Sated by RchlisNomSome
Mature content
Sated :iconrchlisnomsome:RchlisNomSome 18 3
Puck in 3D (WIP) by RchlisNomSome Puck in 3D (WIP) :iconrchlisnomsome:RchlisNomSome 3 8
Mature content
Partners in Crime-Fighting - Chapter 3 :iconrchlisnomsome:RchlisNomSome 3 0
Partners in Crime-Fighting - Chapter 2
Q settled back in her seat, but nodded as they took off.
"Big fan of the cruisers, aren't you..."
"Yup," Jhordah chirped, punching in the coordinates for this particular mission. "It's got both the agility AND the muscle. How can ya go wrong with that?"
"That IS a lovely combination," Q conceded, looking out the window. "H-heh, funny enough, when I first graduated from training, I always kept the cruisers on the ground because I was too scared of the heights. But now? It isn't so much the height that has my attention, but just how nice everything is up here, seeing the sector from a view."
Taking a brief moment to check out the bird's-eye view of Plorix, Jhordah's smile softened a bit, before turning to face her fellow officer.
"Heh...never really thought 'bout it...but y'er damn right..." she murmured...before immediately yelping with surprise and yanking the joystick to the side, barely missing a smaller ship swerving in front of her and speeding off. Jhordah's calm demeanor complete
:iconrchlisnomsome:RchlisNomSome 5 5
Partners in Crime-Fighting - Chapter 1
The day had barely even started, and already the Plorix Supersector Police Department was alive with activity. Officers and personnel belonging to a vast variety of species were going about their business. Some were returning to their offices, sprinting to their cruiser ships, or just chatting with friends at the water cooler within the huge lobby that dominated most of the station. The receptionists and dispatchers were hard at work at the main desk in the center of the lobby. Directly above, the giant display screens were active as well, tracking vehicles and officers, listing missions in progress, and posting mugshots of criminals currently at large. Every so often, a feminine voice would ring out over the loudspeakers.
Meanwhile, the one in charge of all this activity was sitting in his office located in the back wall of the complex, the front door sporting the label, 'PSPD COMMISSIONER ZU'
:iconrchlisnomsome:RchlisNomSome 8 4
Commissioner Zu'un by RchlisNomSome Commissioner Zu'un :iconrchlisnomsome:RchlisNomSome 12 27 Big J by RchlisNomSome Big J :iconrchlisnomsome:RchlisNomSome 8 16 Guess That Maw! by RchlisNomSome Guess That Maw! :iconrchlisnomsome:RchlisNomSome 14 49 J's Keg (WIP) by RchlisNomSome
Mature content
J's Keg (WIP) :iconrchlisnomsome:RchlisNomSome 12 14
Out of my comfort zone by RchlisNomSome
Mature content
Out of my comfort zone :iconrchlisnomsome:RchlisNomSome 18 11
'Sona Sketches by RchlisNomSome 'Sona Sketches :iconrchlisnomsome:RchlisNomSome 14 30 Much Ear by RchlisNomSome Much Ear :iconrchlisnomsome:RchlisNomSome 6 22 Q by RchlisNomSome Q :iconrchlisnomsome:RchlisNomSome 7 74 Satisfied Squish-baby by RchlisNomSome
Mature content
Satisfied Squish-baby :iconrchlisnomsome:RchlisNomSome 19 39
I've seen some other people do this, so would you be okay if I posted commissions/art trades you did for me on my page? Of course I could give you full credit for your artwork.


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United States
This is where I'm gonna be posting vore and related art. Here are my rules:

~explicit or sexualized content

~soft vore
~clean vore
~oral ONLY
~occasional hard vore/digestion (I will decide what goes too far for my tastes)

*If you have questions on what I can/can't draw, ask me.

I am open to vore commissions and vore related RP's with my OC's, so ask me if you're interested.



Does anyone listen to the Adventure Zone podcast? Because I want to soil it with some nom-noms XD
Aveon's actually a specific type of dragon: a mountain drake.
I read all of the comments I receive, and appreciate all the compliments. But there's only so many times I can write "thank you" over and over again, and sometimes I don't know how to write a good response. So I'm sorry if I don't always respond to your comments on my that case, let me just say this straight out: thank you guys for all the kind words! :heart:
Practicing some 3D sculpting. Which OCs would you like to see?
I'm currently making an animated short...can't believe I managed to sneak some blatant vore into it XD


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